Middle Collegiate Church

History of Middle Collegiate Church

Entrance to the Annex of MCC at 50 East 7th St.


Middle Collegiate Church is the oldest of the Collegiate Churches in New York, which was organized in 1628 and is the oldest continuously active congregation in America. The Collegiate Churches of New York were the first corporation in the United States, having received a royal charter from King William III of England in 1696.

In 1729 the Middle Collegiate Church was built on Nassau St. between Cedar and Liberty. The second building was erected at Lafayette Place and 4th St. in 1839. The current building was built in 1892 and renovated in the late 1990s.

(The Annex that houses the Meeting Hall where the Shul will hold our Shabbat services was renovated in 2014 and features air-conditioning, full wheelchair accessibility and we can have wine!)

The sanctuary houses a collection of more than a dozen artificially lit Tiffany windows as well as a large skylight dome in the Meeting Hall. Its history has been integrally linked to many key historical events throughout American history.

Tiffany skylight in the Meeting Hall.

The Liberty Bell rang in the birth of our country on July 9, 1776. It has rung for the inauguration and death of every American President. It also rings during momentous New York City events, including remembering the attacks on 9/11.

MCC is rooted in the history of New York, but stands boldly at the forefront of progressive theological discourse and interfaith dialogue. They are one of the leading multicultural churches in the United States and stand firmly for LGBTI equality, including same sex marriage.

The Shul looks forward to a long and meaningful partnership with MCC.


Tue, 28 March 2017 1 Nisan 5777