June Letter from Rabbi Eva

06/12/2017 10:14:37 AM


Dear Shul Family and Friends,
Summer is upon us, bringing great opportunities to explore, expand and be reinvigorated. We begin the season with PRIDE Shabbat this Friday evening at 6:30pm at Middle Collegiate Church.  As a safe and inclusive community, it is our hope that everyone who walks through our doors feels Welcomed and Loved.
The Shul of New York is one of the many houses of worship...Read more...

This week (and more) at The Shul of New York

05/30/2017 01:59:30 PM


Dear Shul Family and Friends,

As we begin a new week, may we each take a few moments to honor those who have served our Country throughout the years. Memorial Day remains one of our country’s flagship observances and we share our gratitude to those who have defended our freedom and democracy.
This week as we bustle about town, let us also notice those in uniform who are here to celebrate Fleet Week and...Read more...

May Letter from Rabbi Eva

05/01/2017 03:02:44 PM


Dear Shul Family and Friends,

Hodesh Tov and welcome to the Hebrew month of Iyar. April showers are ready to yield May flowers in the coming week, and it is a time in our cycle for celebrations.

The Talmud refers to Iyar as Hodesh Ziv, the month of Light. We are deeply immersed in the third week of Counting the Omer, the week of Tifferet. Tifferet is interpreted as compassion, a balance between the extremes of boundless love...Read more...

A Passover letter from Rabbi Eva

04/10/2017 12:37:46 PM



Dear Shul Family and Friends,

I am taking a break from ‘Seder Prep Central’ on the Upper West Side to share my blessings for a zissen and kosher Pesach. The sun is shining, the aromas of traditional and not-so-traditional foods are wafting through...Read more...

Don's 5777 (2016) Kol Nidre Appeal Speech

10/13/2016 12:04:56 PM


Good evening, and once again, welcome to The Shul of New York.

Before I begin tonight, I must sadly acknowledge the loss of our good friend, Al Orensanz, who passed away in July.  Al Orensanz, along with his brother, Angel, were the founders of the Angel Orensanz Foundation and the saviors of this magnificent building. 

Friend, does not adequately describe what Al Orensanz was to The Shul of New York.  Before...Read more...

A letter from Rabbi Eva (with music)

09/02/2016 02:24:10 PM


Dear Chaverim ~ Friends of the Shul of New York,

Shavua Tov! We have just entered one of the most talked about weeks in our calendar . . . the week preceding Labor Day. As the summer season wanes, we resist releasing the long warm days as we transition into autumn. A new school year begins again, postponed projects are back on the docket, we tuck away our white cottons and yes, the High Holidays are soon approaching.

This...

The shul in "the jewish week"

08/24/2016 12:00:51 PM


New Downtown Rabbi Crosses Boundaries

Rabbi Eva is interviewed in The Jewish Week (Aug 2016).

Alt Hebrew School Project Hitting Its Stride

Article in The Jewish Week (Aug 2016) about Jewish Journey Project that mentions the Shul and has several quotes from Adam Feder.Read more...

New members join shul board

08/24/2016 11:58:16 AM


The Board welcomes Nancy Freeman-Carroll and Steve Rose to the Board of Directors.  

Nancy and Steve are long time members and supporters of the Shul and we are very happy to have them join us.


We mourn the loss of our friend Al Orensanz

08/01/2016 11:50:33 AM



Dear Friends,

It is with great sadness that we must inform you of the passing of our good friend Al Orensanz on July 23rd.

Al Orensanz and his brother Angel created the Angel Orensanz Foundation and saved the landmark synagogue at 172...Read more...

Cathy Cooper elected to the Board of Directors

12/09/2015 06:28:53 PM


The Board is pleased to announce the election of Cathy Cooper to the Board of Directors as Secretary.  

Cathy was previously on the Auxiliary Committee and is a long time supporter of the Shul.  If you've attended a High Holiday Service then you've probably met Cathy volunteering at the ticket desk.  

Welcome aboard, Cathy!  (Sorry about the pun.)  (Okay, not really.)

Don's 2015 (5776) Kol Nidre Appeal Speech

09/23/2015 05:29:46 AM


Good evening everyone, and welcome to the Shul of New York. 

Before I begin, I want to thank Karen Seidman, for her 7 years of service as Co-President of the Shul.  I’d ask her to stand and be acknowledged but Karen and Doug are spending Yom Kippur with their son and daughter-in-law who is a newly ordained Rabbi at a Shul in New Jersey.   Suffice it to say that we miss her tonight, just as we will miss her...Read more...

Fall 2015 Newsletter - A Tribute to Rabbi Burt

08/27/2015 02:44:58 PM


We are very pleased to share with you the Fall 2015 Newsletter.  This year in addition to letters to the congregation from our founder, and beloved and esteemed Rabbi Emeritus Burt Siegel; and the new Rabbi of the Shul of New York, Rabbi Matthew A. Reimer; there are...Read more...

Rabbi Burt Retirement Announcement

06/01/2015 11:42:23 AM


The Board of Directors announces the retirement of The Shul of New York’s founder and beloved spiritual leader, Rabbi Burt Aaron Siegel, as well as his elevation to the position of Rabbi Emeritus of The Shul of New York.  



Friendship Walk

05/20/2015 09:52:18 AM


About Friendship Circle

The Friendship Circle is a non-profit organization that provides social recreational programs for Jewish children, teens, and young adults with special...Read more...

Another Message from Rabbi Burt

02/18/2015 07:03:36 PM


What a joy it is to learn! I have discovered that it not only expands the mind but the heart and the soul as well! I see Israel as a miracle every day.  

When I leave Israel I'll be going to Prague, which was a great center of Jewish culture. The former Jewish area is now a museum. I'm excited to experience the new and the old in our Jewish history.  I miss our Shul and look forward to returning with more to teach.  My...Read more...

Message from rabbi burt in jeruslaem

02/04/2015 01:21:02 PM


I am having a beautiful experience of learning and spiritual growing...spending about 10 hours every day studying Torah and deep spiritual interpretations of Torah and Talmud.   I love exploring Jerusalem and I especially love visiting the historical and religious sites.  Being at the Western Wall always evokes deep thoughts about the destiny of the Jewish people and the meanings of our truly miraculous survival.   I look...Read more...

Don's 2014 (5775) Kol Nidre Appeal Speech

10/03/2014 11:42:00 PM


Good evening everyone.  Welcome to the temporary home of The Shul of New York. 

Before I begin, I want to thank our outgoing Co-President, Kenny Bookbinder, for his years of service to the Shul.  I’d ask him to stand and be acknowledged but unfortunately he could not be here this evening.  Suffice it to say that we miss him tonight,  just as we will miss his work on the Board. 

My name is...

Fall 2014 Newsletter

09/17/2014 04:27:43 PM


The fall 2014 newsletter, News From The Heart, is available for download.  Click here.


Associate Rabbi Matthew Reimer

08/26/2014 11:08:28 AM


The Board of Directors is very pleased to welcome Rabbi Matthew A. Reimer to The Shul of New York family.  

Click for more info about Rabbi Reimer.


evening of spiritual sharing

07/11/2014 05:36:18 PM


How does your spirituality influence your life?

An Evening of Spiritual Sharing

Please join me for a meaningful discussion of the many ways that spirituality manifests itself in daily life. 

Does spirituality add a dimension to your life? What practices have you found that enrich your spiritual awareness?  Have you found a way to bring spirituality into...Read more...

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