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A Caring Compassionate Community

Bikkur Cholim at The Shul of New York

Bikkur Cholim means “visiting the sick” but in practice it is so much more.

The Shul of New York is more than a Shul, more than a community; we are a Family.  The Shul's Bikkur Cholim initiative will provide support to individuals and their families in several ways:

Bikkur Cholim volunteers:

  • Visit patients in local hospitals and nursing facilities
  • Visit people who are homebound
  • Make ‘check-in’ phone calls to people
  • Deliver home-cooked or ordered meals to homebound individuals
  • Provide Shiva support 

Are you in need of Bikkur Cholim services for yourself or a family member?

To request Bikkur Cholim support services for yourself or your family, please use the form below.

If your situation requires confidentiality, or if you prefer to speak to a rabbi first, please contact Rabbi Susan at or 929-269-4382.

We need you!  Bikkur Cholim is a high mitzvah but can only exist at the Shul through the good work of community volunteers.

Can you find time in your schedule to:

  • Make a home visit to a person who is sick or elderly?
  • Make a hospital visit to a patient?
  • Make a call to check on a person from time to time?
  • Prepare, order or deliver a meal to a homebound person?
  • Be available to make shiva calls?

If your answer is YES, please check the volunteer box on the form below and a Bikkur Cholim team member will contact you.


Make a Donation

Help the Shul’s Bikkur Cholim efforts by making a tax deductible donation on the form below to support the good works of the Bikkur Cholim initiative. 


Please Note:  If this is an emergency requiring a rabbi, please call Rabbi Susan at 929-273-1209.

Support Services

Are you looking for assistance?
If yes, please check the box.
You will be contacted by a Bikkur Cholim volunteer.
The description is optional.  Please do not put sensitive personal information on this form.


Would you like more information on how you can be a Bikkur Cholim volunteer?
If yes, please check the box.
You will be contacted by the Bikkur Cholim Committee.


Would you like to make a donation to support the Shul's Bikkur Cholim Committee?

Please enter the donation amount below.

Give until it feels good!

If you are making a donation, you must complete payment on the checkout page.


Mon, September 26 2022 1 Tishrei 5783