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All in-person gatherings are suspended until further notice.


Shul Two Week Challenge Grant




We have some good news to share (finally).

The Shul has received a grant from a charitable foundation in the amount of $18,000.

Now that the applause has subsided, we can announce that we are making this a Challenge Grant.

While this grant is certainly welcome, it cannot fully replace the revenue lost to the pandemic.

We are once again asking you to step up and support the Shul.

We are asking you to rise to this challenge: to show as much faith in the Shul of New York as this charitable foundation has shown.

We realize in this time of personal and economic uncertainty that not all of us are in a position to help. Believe us when we say we understand, and like you, we look forward to better days for all of us.

However, if you can help, we are asking you to remember that the Shul, too, is in a period of financial hardship. The Shul’s main focus will always be creating and nurturing a spiritual community (and we hope that our daily zoom sessions are doing just that), so it may not always be easy to remember that the Shul is also a business with expenses that must be met even in a time such as this.

Over the next two weeks, ending on June 18, we hope to reach the goal of $18,000.

If you can help, now is the time to show your love and support for the Shul of New York.

We also realize that you’re getting a lot of email asking for money, so like the applesauce on a cheese blintz (too Jewish?) we want to sweeten the deal with some thank you gifts to show our appreciation.

To make this as easy as possible, you may make a one-time donation or join the Monthly Giving Program in any amount that works for you. Even $1.80 helps.

As always, your kindness and generosity are greatly appreciated. 

Click here to join the Monthly Giving Program 

or use the form below to make a one-time donation.


Thank You Gift Levels

Donor Level




Donation Amount



$216 ( or $18 per month)


Shul Magnet






$432 ( or $36 per month)

Shul Mug
(Plus above gift.)






$648 ( or $54 per month)

Shul Tote
(Plus all above gifts.)






$864 ( or $72 per month)

Shul Band Live CD
(Plus all above gifts.)






$1,080 ( or $90 per month)

2 tkts - Band Together in Love Concert 
(Whenever that is.)
(Plus all above gifts.)






$2,160 ( or $180 per month)

Dinner w/ Rabbi Eva
(When possible.)
(Plus all above gifts.)

Or any amount you can give.

Remember that every donation in any amount is greatly appreciated. 


Challenge Grant One-Time Donation Form

Use the form below to make a one-time donation or
click here to enroll in the Monthly Giving Program.


Please select a Donation Level or Enter an Amount in the box below.


You may enter any amount in the box below.

Would you like to dedicate your donation?


Fine Print:  For the purposes of Thank You Gift eligibility the donation levels are as follows:
Friend - $216 - $431; Supporter - $432 - $647; Benefactor - $648 - $863; Patron - $864 - $1,079;
Angel - $1,080 - $2,159; Mystic - $2,160 and above.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for thank you gift delivery. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Your donation is not complete until payment is processed on the checkout page.
Please click Submit to continue.


Wed, September 23 2020 5 Tishrei 5781