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Muhi - Generally Temporary Film

05/12/2017 07:11:21 PM


From Shul member Serra Sabuncuoglu:  
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I experienced a deeply touching documentary film at the recent San Francisco International Film Festival whose message is incredibly profound and powerful that I would like to share it with my creative community. 
Muhi: Generally Temporary is a compassionate story of a brave and spirited Palestinian boy, Muhi, who has been confined to an Israeli hospital for over 7 years, with his devoted grandfather by his side and an Israeli humanitarian who has dedicated his life to helping Palestinians get the care they need and in particular keeps this family connected when checkpoints and power struggles yield devastating consequences. The film explores complex regional issues and age old political strife with the utmost care and conscientiousness and has the potential to change lives for the better if given the opportunity to be seen by wider audiences. The depth of humanity within this film is immense and the young Muhi has a vitality and resilience beyond compare. 
The filmmakers have started an online crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the film’s outreach and to help build a sustainable future for the main character, Muhi. Please check out their work, share it with your online community, consider a donation and help promote it so that Muhi’s story can be experienced around the world. 
with hope,
Sat, January 16 2021 3 Sh'vat 5781