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Band Together in Love Concert

Sponsorship Opportunities


What?  Did you think it was cheap to do quality work?

Last year, more than half the revenue from the concert went to expenses.  Oy!

You can help defray the cost of putting on this wonderful show and, more importantly, help us to guarantee that the Shul's most important annual fundraiser is a great financial success.

And to show our appreciation, we've thrown in some free tickets!

Remember that The Shul of New York, the Shul with no minimum membership dues, can only exist with your support.

If you are so inclined, and financially blessed, please consider becoming a Sponsor of the 2019 Band Together in Love Concert. 



The Whole Megillah! - (includes 5 Tier 1 tickets)$5,400

You're Making Me Kvell! -  (includes 4 Tier 1 tickets)$3,600

Angel! -  (includes 3 Tier 1 tickets)$1,800 

Mystic!(includes 2 Tier 1 tickets)  - $540

Such a Mensch! - (includes 1 Tier 1 ticket)$118

It's a Simcha! - Any Amount - Every Donation helps!

NOTE: If you prefer to buy tickets,  you may do so here.


Help us to reach our fundraising goal of $18,000!





Please select Sponsorship Level.

Donations of $85 or more include oneTier 1 Ticket.

How did you hear about the concert?

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Wed, May 22 2019 17 Iyar 5779