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All in-person gatherings are suspended until further notice.

Contact The Shul

The Shul of New York, the Shul without walls, does not have an office. You may contact the Shul at or by leaving a voicemail at:  929-265-SHUL (929-265-7485).

Messages left on the Shul voicemail line are received by the Shul via email so we strongly recommend that you do not leave messages containing sensitive personal information on the Shul Voicemail line. 

We make our best effort to return calls within 24 hours. 

For emergencies requiring a Rabbi, please call Rabbi Eva's direct number:  


Shul Mailing Address

The Shul of New York
c/o 30 East 10th St #6N
New York, NY 10003
(Remember we have no Shul office; this is a private home. Please respect our volunteer's privacy.)


Rabbi Eva Sax-Bolder
Email Rabbi Eva
Direct to Rabbi Eva:  929-269-4382

Calls to the Rabbi’s Direct line are forwarded directly to Rabbi Eva’s personal phone bypassing the Shul’s Voicemail system. 


Rabbi Emeritus Burt Siegel
Email Rabbi Burt


Director of Music & Development

Adam Feder




Joan C. Brancaccio


Karen Seidman
Program Director



Don J. Brancaccio


Cathy Cooper


Donate online or send checks to:

The Shul of New York
c/o D. Brancaccio
105 W 13th St, #3C
New York, NY 10011

(Remember we have no Shul office; this is a private home. Please respect our volunteer's privacy.)


The Shul does not routinely monitor email communication sent to Shul email addresses ( However, in the course of system maintenance or repair it is possible that the contents of an email may become visible to the webmaster and/or the webhosting company.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not send sensitive personal information to Shul email addresses. 

This includes replying to an email sent to the congregation even if it is in the form of a “Letter from Rabbi Eva.”  A reply to a congregation email goes to and this is not a private communication with the Rabbi. 

If you wish to privately discuss sensitive personal matters with a Rabbi, please ask for the Rabbi’s personal non-Shul email address or use Rabbi Eva's direct phone number.  

The Shul of New York is bound by the privacy policy of our webhost, Shulcloud, LLC, provider of the Shulcloud webhosting, database management, and email system.  For more information regarding these policies, please see the Privacy Policy and Membership Terms provided by Shulcloud, LLC.

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