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Don J. Brancaccio

Don is very proud to serve as Webmaster for the Shul and to have been invited to serve on the Board and as a Co-President. (And now Treasurer. Really?! What were they thinking?)   Both are volunteer positions despite the occasional slap on the back followed by, “Great job, take two yarmulkes from petty cash!”

In a previous life, Don worked backstage on Broadway as a highly skilled Automation Specialist. His career will be the subject of his forthcoming memoir, “Push Button, Get Banana.”

No matter what anybody says, Don has never worked as an assassin for the CIA under the name Rufus T. Firefly and is definitely not in the witness protection program.  

Don is also very lucky to be the husband of the lovely and talented former Shul Treasurer, Joan C. Brancaccio, who made absolutely no threats regarding this sentence.   


Thu, February 27 2020 2 Adar 5780