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2017 End of Year Appeal

Dear Friends,

As 2017 comes to a close and we look back fondly….(insert sound of needle skittering across an LP)**….

Okay, so it has certainly been .... an interesting year.  However, there is one thought we want you to hold in your minds and your hearts. 

The Shul of New York will always be your safe haven.

Twice a month you have a place where you can find a peaceful, thoughtful, spiritual respite from everything in this world that makes you feel, well, verklempt.  

And once a year we come together to celebrate the High Holidays as only The Shul of New York can.  Think of the music of Adam Feder and The Shul Band, the words of Rabbi Eva, and the warm embrace of our accepting community as your spiritual nourishment. 

It is our mission to sing, pray, and knosh with you twice a month at our Shabbat Services, and to be here for you every single day as your Shul, your Community, your Family

At this time, we ask you to remember that your support is what makes the Shul a thriving, flourishing community.  Indeed, your support makes the Shul of New York possible. 

And so, as this year winds down, we want to remind you that it's not too late to make a tax deductible donation to The Shul of New York. 

No donation is too small -- $72, $36, $18 – it all helps.  Of course, if you find an extra $72,000 in the sofa cushions, that’s good too! 

And lastly, please accept our very best good wishes to you and your loved ones for the happiest, healthiest and most peaceful and loving New Year. 

The Board of Directors

** For those of you under 30 who are not man-bun wearing, artisanal PB&J eating denizens of Brooklyn, click to hear the sound of a needle skittering across an LP.

If you prefer to donate by check, you may send a check made out to "The Shul of New York" to:  J. Brancaccio, 105 W 13th St #3C, NY NY 10011.


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Mon, April 23 2018 8 Iyar 5778