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End of Year Appeal

Can you spare 45 cents a week?

Dear Friends,

Think back to Yom Kippur. (And really, what's more fun than atoning?) Okay, not the atoning part-- the Kol Nidre Appeal. (Kol Nidre? Appeal? Fun? Huh?!)

If you've never experienced the Kol Nidre Appeal as delivered by Board member Don Brancaccio, here’s your chance. We guarantee that you've never seen one like it. And if you did see it, why not watch it again?  


Click where it says YouTube to make it larger.

If you’re still not convinced that we need your help to support the Shul of New York, please read on.

The Shul of New York has many names: The Shul of Love, The Shul of Music, The Shul Without Walls, The Shul where Everyone from A to Z is Welcome, The Shul of Perpetual Simchas and....

The Shul with No Minimum Membership Dues.

This is one of our greatest strengths, but it is also the Shul’s greatest financial challenge. As you contemplate the end of 2019 (and not a moment too soon, oy!) we ask you to support The Shul’s End of Year Appeal.

On this Giving Tuesday (December 3) we ask you to become a Shul Sustaining Donor by joining the Monthly Giving Program.

The Shul of New York will always be your safe haven.

The Shul is a place where you can find a peaceful, thoughtful, spiritual respite from everything in this world that makes you feel, well, verklempt.

The uplifting music of Adam Feder and The Shul Band, the moving words and teachings of Rabbi Eva, and the inspiring insights of Rabbi Burt at the High Holidays are the spiritual nourishment you crave and can only find at the Shul of New York. It’s a place where you can experience the warm embrace of an accepting, loving community as we sing, pray, and nosh together.

Your support is what makes the Shul a thriving, flourishing community.

Indeed, your support makes the Shul of New York possible.

No donation is too small -- $180, $72, $36, $18 per month – it all helps.

Even $1.80 per month (less than half a latte) will help the Shul. If everyone receiving this email enrolls in the Monthly Giving Program at the $1.80 per month level, you will collectively donate more than $3,000 per month to the Shul.


$1.80 per month is only 45 cents per week. 

Is the Shul Band is worth 45 cents per week?

Are the Shul’s Shabbat and High Holiday Services worth 45 cents per week?

Are the Shul’s holiday events, the Shul’s engaging, fun programs like Shul Movie Night and the Band Together in Love Concert worth 45 cents per week?

We think they're worth that much, and so much more.

The Shul of New York survives because of your kindness and your generosity. You come through for the Shul every year and we appreciate every single donation so very much.

Please accept our very best wishes to you and your loved ones for the happiest, healthiest and most peaceful and loving New Year.

The Board of Directors


PS.  If you prefer to make a one-time donation, you may do so on the form below.

PPS.  If you are able to round up to $2 per month, or say, $18 (or maybe $18,000) per month, please feel free to, “Give until it feels good!”

PPPS.  If you prefer to donate by check, you may send a check made out to "The Shul of New York" to: J. Brancaccio, 105 W 13th St #3C, NY NY 10011.

Fine Print: The Shul of New York, EIN 13-4159095, is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by IRS regulations. (And, really, who doesn't love the IRS?)


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Sun, April 5 2020 11 Nisan 5780