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Affiliating with The Shul of New York

The Shul of New York does not have “membership” in the traditional sense.

The people who affiliate with our Shul include many who felt something was lacking in their previous religious life and have been hungry for a meaningful spiritual experience. They, along with many others, have found exactly what they were looking for at the Shul of New York, a synagogue for spiritual Judaism. 

One of our community's miracles is that we have no minimum membership dues.

Our doors are open to all persons who wish to enter -- regardless of financial means – and we accept and welcome all individuals who choose to become part of our community.

As a result, we are an all-inclusive community of singles, families, seniors; straight and gay individuals and couples; in-married and intermarried; converts, marginal and previously unaffiliated Jews, non-Jews, erudite and novice, poor, middle-class, and wealthy.

Become a part of The Shul of New York by talking to Rabbi Eva or one of our Board Members, or

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As you join The Shul of New York community, we ask you to consider making a donation as a sign of your intention, or kavanah. We hope that you will give from the heart and we urge you to be generous.

Although we are distinctive in having no minimum dues, we expect that all will help to shoulder the community’s expenses, according to their means.

Without the support that comes from our congregants and friends, our community cannot hope to sustain itself.

You may donate securely on our Donation page.

Or you may mail your contribution made payable to "The Shul of New York," to: J. Brancaccio, 105 W 13th St #3C, New York, NY 10011.

Sun, March 18 2018 2 Nisan 5778