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Our Mission

It is the mission of The Shul of New York: 

To create a spiritual place and a community, in which people of all ages come to know and inwardly experience their soul - the deepest dimension of our innermost unseen being that is the source of our humaness and our godliness.

Our doors are open to all persons who wish to enter -- regardless of financial means – and we accept and welcome all individuals of any religious background who choose to become part of our community.

We are an all-inclusive community of singles, families, seniors; straight and gay individuals and couples; in-married and intermarried; converts, marginal and previously unaffiliated Jews and non-Jews; atheists and believers; erudite and novice;  poor, middle-class, and wealthy.

To support spiritual growth, including a spiritual way of living that can make our lives much more meaningful and beautiful. We emphasize that the deepest meaning of religion is spiritual learning and aspiring to live a spiritual life.

To encourage a spirituality that can honestly help each of us become loving, compassionate human beings who derive their greatest joy from giving and helping and contributing to making our world better for all people. 

To put into practice an interpretation and an expression of Judaism that emphasizes, in a liberal way, the beautiful and rich spiritual teachings of our tradition.  We embrace music as one of the foremost, tangible expressions of our approach.

Join the Shul of New York Family.


Please contact us if you have questions.

Sun, March 18 2018 2 Nisan 5778