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Monthly Giving Program

Support the Shul by becoming a Sustaining Donor

As you know, The Shul of New York has many names: The Shul of Love, The Shul of Music, The Shul Without Walls, The Shul where Everyone from A to Z is Welcome, The Shul of Perpetual Simchas.


And, of course, The Shul with No Minimum Membership Dues.


The no minimum membership dues policy is one of our greatest strengths, but it is also the Shul’s greatest financial challenge. 


The Covid pandemic has taken a financial on many of us and the Shul is no exception. This is why we are asking you to support the Shul in a very special way:


 by joining the Monthly Giving Program as a Sustaining Donor.


As a Sustaining Donor you will make an additional monthly donation to the Shul in any amount that works for you from $1.80 per month.


When you enroll as a Sustaining Donor your monthly donation will automatically be billed to your credit card every month in the amount you have chosen.


Please remember:  The Monthly Giving Program is not membership dues. 
It is another way for you to support for the Shul. 


The Shul of New York is still the Shul with no minimum membership dues. 



We want to thank you.

As a way of showing our appreciation, we will send you a token of our thanks at the following monthly donation levels:




$18 per month – Chai Year Magnet 



$36 per month – Chai Year Coffee Mug, plus the above gift. 



$54 per month – Chai Year Tote Bag, plus all the above gifts.


$72 per month – Shul Band Live CD, plus all the above gifts.


$90 per month – 2 tickets to the next 
Band Together in Love Concert, plus all the above gifts.


You can make Sustaining Donor monthly donations in any amount from $1.80 per month and every donation in any amount is always greatly appreciated.


Your commitment to the Sustaining Donor Monthly Giving Program will sustain the Shul’s future in a way that assures a long and healthy life for The Shul of New York and will help to fulfill the Shul's potential as a community.  


Take this opportunity to wish the Shul L'chaim!  To Life! 
with your financial support.





Fine Print:  Your participation in The Shul of New York Sustaining Donor Monthly Giving Program will continue until it is canceled by you.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of thank you gift.  The Shul of New York, EIN 13-4159095, is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by IRS regulations.  If you would prefer to make a one time donation, you may do so  here.


Mon, September 26 2022 1 Tishrei 5783