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The Shul of New York

No-Building Fund

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Building the future of the Shul of New York One "Brick" at a Time

(See the "bricks" here.)


We need your help to restore the Shul to financial health,
to help the Shul survive and thrive, to take advantage of new opportunities
and to fulfill its exciting potential



Together, we have built a strong community, a family that is the foundation of the Shul.  Inevitable continuing expenses challenge the Shul’s financial security.  We are serious when we say that these continuing financial challenges threaten our ability to build on the Shul’s foundation. 

Many synagogues solicit funds for bricks and mortar, but the Shul of New York, the Shul without walls, needs your help to strengthen its financial foundation and to build a secure path for the future. 

When?  The Shul needs YOUR help NOW!

Our no-minimum-dues policy is one of our greatest strengths.  It also creates our greatest financial challenge.   If the Shul is going to flourish and grow in the coming years we need your continuing support.


We think the Shul has a lot to offer.  Consider the Shul’s strengths:

A gifted clergy and the best music anywhere!

A committed, generous and diverse congregation!

A beautiful new home and interfaith collaboration with Middle Collegiate Church!

And this is just the beginning!

How can YOU help?

Please support this campaign by buying an ONLINE BRICK…or several. 

Each $180 donation buys one ONLINE BRICK, inscribed with your personal message. 
(up to 5 lines of 20 characters each).  Here are just 2 examples: 



Your inscribed brick(s) will be added to the No-Building Fund page where they will be a permanent part of the Shul website.   And you’ll receive a suitable for framing certificate confirming your donation.


Fine Print:  Bricks are added in the order in which they are received.  All inscriptions are subject to approval for appropriateness and length.  We will do our best to accommodate all requests, but please remember that longer inscriptions may result in smaller type on the brick.  Use the existing bricks on the No-Building Fund page as a guide.  We reserve the right to arrange inscriptions for readability.  


Please do your part to build the future of

the Shul of New York

one "brick" at a time.


And please remember that Donations in any amount
are always greatly appreciated.


No-Building Fund Brick Donation Form

Due to the limitations of our online system you must fill out separate order forms for multiple bricks.

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Donations made as a guest will not be recorded in your account and will not show up on your year end tax receipt.

If you prefer to donate by check, you may send a check made out to "The Shul of New York" to:  J. Brancaccio, 105 W 13th St, NY NY 10011.  Please include your mailing address and the inscription text.  

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Sun, June 20 2021 10 Tammuz 5781