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Do you have an extra seat at your Passover table?



For Jewish communities across the world, Passover is a time to come together, gathering with family and friends to commemorate the journey from slavery to freedom.  But not everyone can be with their loved ones on Passover.  

If you have an extra place at your table for Passover, wouldn't it be a wonderful mitzvah to offer it to someone who has no one nearby with whom to share the reading of the haggadah, a glass of wine (or two, or three), and the holiday meal. 

This year, the Shul is trying an experiment.  We would like to pair those in need with those who have something to share.  

The first step will be to find the extra seats at Passover tables.  

Please use the form below to tell us how many seats you have available at your Passover seder to share with the Shul community.  

Once we have a list, we will reach out to the Shul community again to find people looking for a place to share the holiday.  Then we will pair you up.

I have an extra seat(s) at my Passover table.

FIRST Night of Passover, March 30th, Extra Seats


SECOND Night of Passover, March 31st, Extra Seats


Check all that apply.


Sat, December 15 2018 7 Tevet 5779