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Rabbi Eva's Purim Letter

02/26/2018 09:49:54 AM


The Shul of New York Chag Purim Sameach  . . . a Happy Purim to Ya’all! Dear Shul Family and Friends,This Wednesday evening is Purim...Read more...

Tu B'Shevat Letter from Rabbi Eva

02/01/2018 01:26:11 PM


Dear Shul Family and Friends,

Were you up this morning in time to experience the super blue blood full moon? I perched myself by the window before dawn, postured to see this rare phenomena. The moon did appear larger than usual to my eyes, but I missed out on all the features that I had anticipated, including being blown away by a red glow. Nevertheless, I was excited to welcome a new day filled with new possibilities and to offer a...Read more...

February Note from Rabbi Eva

01/31/2018 02:25:15 PM


Dear Shul Family and Friends,

I look forward to seeing you this week as we celebrate Tu B’Shevat, the New Year of the Trees and the Full Moon of Shevat.

Stay tuned to learn about our new classes and programs later this month.

With loving blessings,
Rabbi...

The Shul at Spiritual Sounds 2018

01/29/2018 01:09:39 PM


Rabbi Eva and Seth Ginsburg represented the Shul at the 9th Annual Spiritual Sounds at Middle Collegiate Church. They shared the song Olam Chesed Yibaneh.

Watch the event video.  Rabbi Eva and Seth appear at 2:01:33.



The Shul Celebrates our Chai Year!

01/18/2018 05:16:11 PM



The Shul of New York Celebrates our

Chai Year in 2018


Believe it or not, 2018 will mark 18 years of life for The Shul of New York!




Rabbi Eva's New Years Letter

12/30/2017 02:14:08 PM


Dear Shul Family and Friends,


This weekend we turn our attention to ringing in 2018. Just as we do on Rosh Hashanah, many of us mark this time in our secular calendar to assess our lives and reflect on how we live. Oh yes, those resolutions! For a moment in time, we imagine ‘what if’ and...Read more...

Andrew Samuels' D'var at Dec. 1st Shabbat Service

12/06/2017 02:48:29 PM


At the Dec 1st Shabbat service, Rabbi Eva's special guest Andrew Samuels delivered a beautiful d'var.  We thank him for sharing it with the Shul family and present it here for you to read.

In Vayishlach there is a line of Torah that has inspired paintings by artists from Rembrandt to Gauguin. This week that same line inspired me. It inspired me to explore the idea of struggle through a biblical...Read more...

Rabbi Eva's December letter & Shul Calendar

11/28/2017 01:45:41 PM


Dear Shul Family and Friends,


I hope that each of you enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving weekend.


During this season of sales, solicitations and materialistic seductions, it is important to...Read more...

Rabbi Eva's November Letter & Shul Calendar

10/31/2017 02:29:14 PM






Rabbi Eva's October Letter

10/02/2017 03:08:51 PM


Dear Shul of NY Family and Friends,


I am so proud of our Shul of New York community! The High Holidays were so sweet, upbeat and filled with hope. I want to begin with a heartfelt shout out to the many people who helped make these holidays so incredibly special and meaningful.


Don's 5778 (2017) Kol Nidre Speech

09/30/2017 12:03:03 AM


Good evening, Shabbat Shalom, and welcome to The Shul of New York.


First, I must thank our host Angel Orensanz for once again inviting us to celebrate the High Holidays in the gloriously beautiful Angel Orensanz Foundation. There is a rich history here, which I encourage you to seek out and we...Read more...

Rabbi Eva's High Holiday Letter

09/16/2017 10:33:57 AM


Dear Shul Family and Friends,

Each Shabbat service, we begin with chanting “Am I awake, Am I prepared,” a reminder that we have arrived, present and ready to enter Shabbat in community. In less than one week from today, we will gather together as The Shul...Read more...

Labor Day Letter From Rabbi Eva

09/04/2017 10:02:00 AM


Dear Shul Family and Friends,

On this Labor Day, as we make the transition from Summer adventures to our Autumn routines, let us take a few moments to honor the contributions of all the workers who have helped to bring prosperity and strength to our country. Our nation is dependent on the interconnectivity of our labor forces. Everyone counts!

I invite you take an extra moment the next time you are breaking bread to say a...Read more...

Hurricane in Texas & LOUISIANA 

08/30/2017 11:20:53 AM


My Dear Shul Family and Friends,

I hope you are enjoying these final summer days. As we here, in New York, are basking in glorious weather, we are also drawn to the sad news in the South where Hurricane Harvey has caused devastation to the City of Houston and has now spun to the lowlands of Louisiana.

There is much to say about how our hearts ache for those who have lost loved ones and all of their possessions in the floods....Read more...

High Holidays Announcement

08/25/2017 09:41:41 AM


Dear Member of The Shul of New York Family,

Has it been a year already?  Yes it has, and it’s time once again for the Shul of New York Family to come together to celebrate the High Holidays.

Rabbi Eva has led us through a year of spiritual growth, and a whirlwind year of exciting new programs and classes.  We have shared our Shabbats and holiday celebrations together and we look forward...Read more...

Tragedy in Charlottesville

08/15/2017 09:14:50 AM


My Dear Shul Family and Friends,

I write to you with deep sadness in the aftermath of Saturday’s “Unite the Right” rally of hatred and bigotry by white supremacists who converged in Charlottesville that left one woman dead and many others injured as victims in an act of horrific violence. Soon after, two state troopers were killed in a helicopter accident while acting in the line of duty. We mourn with their families and hold...Read more...

Beautiful New Torah Cover

08/07/2017 02:24:51 PM





August Letter from Rabbi Eva

07/31/2017 09:50:05 AM


Dear Shul Family and Friends,

Greetings from Oslo. I begin my week with a deep refreshing breath, having experienced the wonders of Scandinavia. Each day brings me a sense of 'dayenu' . . . this day would have been enough. I have been blessed to revel in the picturesque landscapes of the Baltic countries and pristine fjords, savoring the cultural and historical richness of each place I have traveled to. I feel my soul has been...Read more...

July 3rd Letter From Rabbi Eva

07/03/2017 11:46:25 AM


Dear Shul Family and Friends,

I hope this note finds you enjoying the pleasures of summer! How do your rhythms change during these long, hot summer days? Perhaps it may be as simple as wearing lighter clothing and eating watermelon. For others, it may be a time for a vacation to a familiar, or even an exotic destination. 

As a native Californian, I find East Coast summers to have a very distinct personality. Our...Read more...

June Letter from Rabbi Eva

06/12/2017 10:14:37 AM


Dear Shul Family and Friends,
Summer is upon us, bringing great opportunities to explore, expand and be reinvigorated. We begin the season with PRIDE Shabbat this Friday evening at 6:30pm at Middle Collegiate Church.  As a safe and inclusive community, it is our hope that everyone who walks through our doors feels Welcomed and Loved.
The Shul of New York is one of the many houses of worship...Read more...

Sun, March 18 2018 2 Nisan 5778