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Zoom Login Process

04/19/2020 05:05:26 PM


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In order to implement the best Zoom security, the Shul sends invitations and passwords for each Zoom session in separate emails.

You must manually enter a password to join each session. Passwords are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as they appear in the email with no leading or trailing spaces.

The new procedure is:

1. You receive the invitation email about 20 minutes before the session.

2. You receive a separate password email about 20 minutes before the session.

3. Copy the password in the password email.

4. Click the Join Session link in the invitation email.

5. You are prompted to enter a passcode (what Zoom calls passwords). 

6. Enter the password from the password email into the password field.

7. Click OK to enter the session. (The button text may vary on some devices.)

8. If the host (Shul) hasn't arrived yet, you will be told to wait. Please be patient; we will be there shortly. 

NOTE:  If the password is not accepted, please close (quit) the Zoom app and try again. Clicking the red X does NOT close the app. Click for instructions on how to close Zoom.

Please feel free to share the invitation via email.
DO NOT post the invitation on facebook or twitter or any other social media.

To be protected by the latest Zoom security enhancements on your computer, please go to and install the newest version of the Zoom Meeting Client software. Tablets and smartphones are automatically updated.

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