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New Shul school year 2011

02/16/2013 05:26:34 PM


The year is off and running and The Shul of New York’s Shul School is in full swing! This is definitely NOT the boring Hebrew school we went to as kids.

This year the school has 4 classes.  Level One is mostly Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten. On the very first day the kids were already singing the Aleph Bet song and are very excited about learning. They will have a holiday-based course of study over the year, learning not only the holidays, but the lessons, customs culture and joy in each.  Level Two is primarily grades 1 and 2, Level Three is grades 3 to 5 and Level Four is middle school grades 6 thru Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  Each of these levels is focusing on the innate spirituality and love in our shared heritage. There is a delightful crossover time between the classes where we all meet together as a community and sing songs, tell stories and share our Jewish learning with each other. We call it a “kumstiz” -  Yiddish for “come sit”.

A big part of being Jewish is giving, The Shul of New York has partnerships with several other organizations around the city where the kids “Shul School Superheroes” are active in making the world a better place. We have already started volunteering at Shabbat ORE a Jewish soup kitchen sponsored by The Educational Alliance. Many other projects are in the works and we will keep you posted!  

We also attend services together, usually the first Friday of every month, but please check the calendar. We have a family program that brings shabbat connection to every age group. Look for family program blogs every other week and share the simchas with us!

The thought for today is the word “Mitzvah”—generally described as “a good deed”.  A Mitzvah is a kindness, but it is also a giving of your heart to another without being asked and without expecting payment.  Often we go through the whole day doing many nice things for people and it has been nice to take a moment and reflect on them. What kindness did we show others today?   What kindness was shown to us? It is difficult in this time and place to go through a whole day with your heart open, but to find small moments where it can be and where we can take a small pause to breathe, smile and simply to notice…. that is our goal.

- Lisa B. Lewis

Mon, July 13 2020 21 Tammuz 5780