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Hurricane in Texas & LOUISIANA 

08/30/2017 11:20:53 AM


My Dear Shul Family and Friends,

I hope you are enjoying these final summer days. As we here, in New York, are basking in glorious weather, we are also drawn to the sad news in the South where Hurricane Harvey has caused devastation to the City of Houston and has now spun to the lowlands of Louisiana.

There is much to say about how our hearts ache for those who have lost loved ones and all of their possessions in the floods. The testimonials are endless, as thousands have sought shelter to regroup, waiting to learn the status of whether they have a home to return to.

I know this story well, as years ago my family lost our home and everything we owned in the largest urban fire in US history in Northern California. How fortunate we were to survive. . .we were the lucky ones.  Yet, it meant so much to us to know that people around the world cared about our neighborhoods and reached out to offer their sentiments of support. Funds rolled in for those who were not insured and could not afford to find an apartment in the area to resettle.

We as Jews understand that it is our obligation to offer assistance when our brothers and sisters are suffering and in times of distress. I have been in contact with friends in Houston (including one who has lost everything in the floods) who have suggested that the best way to help is to make a monetary contribution. They have sent along a few links to organizations that are actively providing relief and support.

NECHAMA's Deployment To Hurricane Harvey

Jewish Federation of Houston

Jewish Federation

May our efforts to offer support and our prayers for all people in the wake of Hurricane Harvey be heard so that they can begin to rebuild a life of safety, comfort and peace.

With love and appreciation,

Rabbi Eva


Wed, June 20 2018 7 Tammuz 5778