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Big Apple Circus - Dinner & a Show in the Dark

11/12/2018 05:06:55 PM


Dinner and a Show in the Dark!

A Multi-Course Meal Eaten While Blindfolded!

A complete circus “seen” with your ears and imagination!

December 6, 2018 at 5:00 pm

Listen. Smell. Touch. Taste.

$150 Per person includes a three-course meal, wine
and your ticket to the Big Apple Circus!

Dinner and a Show in the Dark is co-created by CAMAJE Restaurant and the Big Apple Circus. Without sight, your other senses are heightened. Smells, textures and sounds all become more intense. Perceive the world with a set of strengths you never knew you had! After dinner, you will be guided on a touch tour and given headsets to enjoy the live audio description of the show. Both sighted and blind patrons “see” the show with vivid color and exhilarating action. Arrive at the Big Top at Lincoln Center, don a blindfold and let us take you on an unforgettable ride.

Things to Know:

• Diners wear comfortable blindfolds throughout the event. The dining area is not dark.

• Menus are secret until the end of the meal so naturally guests have fun guessing which food and wine is on the plate and in the glass.

• Any dietary restrictions can be accommodated. When you purchase your tickets you will be prompted to tell us of any allergies or dislikes.

• Tickets must be purchased in advance click here Pricing is all-inclusive (food, wine, performance, tax and gratuity).

• On arrival, we give you an orientation and answer questions before leading you into the VIP tent with your blindfold on.


Mon, August 19 2019 18 Av 5779