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Message from rabbi burt in jeruslaem

02/04/2015 01:21:02 PM


I am having a beautiful experience of learning and spiritual growing...spending about 10 hours every day studying Torah and deep spiritual interpretations of Torah and Talmud.
I love exploring Jerusalem and I especially love visiting the historical and religious sites.  Being at the Western Wall always evokes deep thoughts about the destiny of the Jewish people and the meanings of our truly miraculous survival.
I look forward to so much more learning and so many more adventures.
Tomorrow I will visit a part of the West Bank around Hebron.  I hope to get a deeper understanding of the political complexities here.
I truly hope to return a better Rabbi -- more knowledgeable and more spiritually sensitive. Many blessings from Israel and looking forward to seeing you.
- Rabbi Burt
Wed, July 15 2020 23 Tammuz 5780