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We have exciting newsWith the help of grant funds, the Shul of New York has embarked on a new phase in the pursuit of social justice, 

The Shul Justice Project

This will allow us to take a more active role as a community in promoting (or protesting) causes and issues that are of importance to us, to the health of our democracy, and to our planet. These funds will also help us to strengthen and grow our Justice in June project on racial justice, and make it possible to bring in speakers on important topics.

Caring about justice is a core Jewish value and has always been a part of our Shul culture.

Now we can make it easier to find ways to take concrete actions concerning the critical issues of our time: from voting rights to hate speech and violence; from environmental justice to reproductive rights and homelessness – to name only a few.

Here's how it works.  On this page, via email, and on Facebook, we will post actions you can take or participate in. Some items may take less than a minute or two, such as adding your name to a letter to your representative regarding a piece of legislation; other posts may announce more involved activities like attending a rally or march, a training, or an information session.

All announcements will be carefully vetted and will come from established organizations like the National Council of Jewish Women, the RAC (Religious Action Center of the Reform Movement), Planned Parenthood, HIAS, as well as other faith organizations, and local community partners.

One more thing.  We know there are so many critical issues that it sometimes feels as though all we can do is throw up our hands in despair  but as others have said: Despair is not a strategy.

In the Shul Justice Project logo, you see the words, Do Not Stand Idly By.  This quote from our Torah urges us to act for justice and mercy for the vulnerable, the disenfranchised, and for all who dwell on earth.

We invite you to look at the Take Action area below; there you will see actions you can take right now.   Whether you are active in our Shul family, or someone who hasn’t come to the Shul in years, please join us!

Take Action

Reproductive Rights:

  • Sign the Jewish community’s letter to President Biden urging the administration to creatively explore the executive powers at their disposal and take specific steps to respond to the Supreme Court’s decision ro overturn Roe v. Wade.
  • Operation Save Abortion  Operation Save Abortion brings together abortion activists, advocates, and experts from around the country for an intensive virtual training to learn how to conquer a post-Roe world.  Topics to be covered during this all-day training include:  Reproductive Justice (RJ) & Abortion, Abortion Funding & Practical Support, Clinic Support, Legislative advocacy, and Direct action activist tactics.  This training is designed for watch parties! Host your own and gather with friends from your activism community to get trained together.
  • The Torah of Abortion Justice  Take a look at some foundational texts with regards to Judaism and abortion justice. We will explore traditional Jewish law, at how striking Roe v. Wade violates the First Amendment, how our tradition compels us to meet the moral demands of this moment, including the ways in which abortion bans deepen existing structural injustices and how to destigmatize our communities and create Jewish spaces with more wholeness for everyone.
  • National Council of Jewish Women has established a fund for women to access abortion.
  • Planned Parenthood  As trigger laws making abortion illegal begin to take effect all over the country, Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion and reproductive health provider, will be put under additional strain to hire more staff to care for out of state women here in New York (and New Jersey and Connecticut).
    Make a donation and/or volunteer at your local Planned Parenthood.


Gun Violence Prevention:

  • The Religious Action Center (RAC) of the Reform Movement.  Explore all that the RAC is doing, and while you're there, urge your senators to step up the pressure to confirm a Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, a position which has been vacant since 2015.

How to Contact Your Elected Representatives

Sun, August 14 2022 17 Av 5782