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Donations for the 2019

Band Together in Love Concert

Silent Auction


The 2019 Silent Auction is coming in May!

We need your help to make it the most successful auction ever!  





Can you donate:

  • Gift certificates for restaurants or clubs
  • Theater tickets
  • Sports tickets
  • Vacations
  • Jewelry, Art 
  • Wellness sessions: Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training
  • Classes
  • New merchandise.  Be Creative!


Questions?  Contact Program Director Karen Seidman


The Silent Auction is an integral part of the Shul's fundraising success for the concert.  In addition to the donation suggestions above, if you have a talent or skill and you have some time to share it, please consider donating yourself (not literally, of course) to the auction.  We will consider almost anything.*

  Please use the form below to submit a donation to the
Band Together in Love Concert Silent Auction.  

You may use our Silent Auction Solicitation Letter to ask for donations.  

Silent Auction Donation Form

Auction Donation Information.

If not sure, give us your best guess.

Enter a description of your Silent Auction donation.
Please include all important information.

Are there any restrictions or conditions?

Thank you for taking part in the Silent Auction.

*The Shul reserves the right to decide what items/services are appropriate for inclusion in the Silent Auction.  If your donation is a physical item or certificate, you will be contacted concerning delivery to the Shul.


Thu, October 24 2019 25 Tishrei 5780