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Acknowledging God's Presence in the Ordinary and

Extraordinary Moments of Life through the Practice of Jewish

Spiritual Direction with Rabbi Eva


You are invited to join us for this year’s

Spiritual Direction Group

Sunday or Thursday groups are now forming.

Spiritual Direction is a process for exploring our connection with what we experience as the Sacred in our lives. The purpose of spiritual direction is to cultivate one’s ability to discern the presence of the Sacred by noticing and appreciating moments of holiness and discovering ways to be open to the Divine in challenging, as well as joyful moments.


Spiritual direction, also known as spiritual guidance, is a process of holy listening. It assists us in connecting to a deep wisdom, which some conceptualize as an “inner knowing.” Spiritual guidance can help us find meaning in our lives, make important choices, and develop self-healing practices.


The reasons for wanting and seeking spiritual direction are as varied and individual as each human. You may:


Desire greater vitality in your experience of life.

Hunger for a positive way to hold struggles and suffering.

Want a more satisfying religious or prayer experience.

Seek spiritual guidance at a crossroads in your life.

Want to improve your ability to listen compassionately to yourself and others.

Desire guidance in finding a meaningful way to contribute to the world.


Spiritual Direction is not psychotherapy, pastoral counseling or a mutual chat with a friend. It is a relationship focused upon you and your relationship with the divine. You are guided through gentle questioning to see the sacred as it shows up in your life, and practice ‘discernment’, a spiritual process of decision-making in which you listen for divine guidance from within yourself.


You need not have a religious belief or set of religious practices in order to engage in Spiritual Direction. In fact, you may seek direction specifically because you are confused in this area. You may have doubts there is a higher power yet yearn to know the divine exists.


You may have many unanswered questions about life and have little idea where to turn for answers. With spiritual guidance, you learn to live a more satisfying, spiritual, and loving life.


As a Spiritual Director, my role is to guide people to discover meaning, freedom, and self-transcendence in their lives by listening and asking reflective questions, which focus attention on the sacred in life. We talk about everyday matters, major life issues, and specific spiritual questions. Often this includes being silent, so we can become present and listen to the still small voice. By empathetic listening, I help you to discover the answers that lie within.


Usually, you meet privately with your Spiritual Director one hour once or twice a month, in person, via Skype, or on the telephone. The subject matter may be anything that has occurred in your life that you may wish to examine in the light of the divine. Sessions may include prayer, meditation, reading from sacred texts, art, movement and contemplative silence.




7 Monthly sessions from Oct to Dec and Feb to May - $280


Individual session fees are on a sliding scale from $100 to $180 per session by prior arrangement with Rabbi Eva.


For more information or to schedule a session, contact Rabbi Eva Sax-Bolder at or 929-269-4382



Fine Print: Spiritual Direction is offered privately by Rabbi Eva Sax-Bolder. It is not provided by or a service of The Shul of New York.

Sun, July 25 2021 16 Av 5781