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All in-person gatherings are suspended until further notice.


COVID Vaccination Information


Be safe, get vaccinated!


The most important step you can take for your safety and for the safety of everyone, right after wearing a mask and social distancing, is to get a COVID vaccination as soon as it is available for you.

We want every person in our community to get vaccinated. 

April 5 Update

The minimum age for vaccine eligibility is 16 years old on April 6. 


Previous Updates

  • Click here to contact a doctor who is helping with vaccine appointments.
  • A new service will match you to last minute vaccine availability.  
    Go to Dr. B for details.
  • We are having better luck with appointments at  Mornings seem to be the best time. Many people are doing this, just keep trying.
  • Here is a community based vaccine appointment source: EpiCenter NYC.

Note: If you know someone for whom making an appointment online is not an option, please share the NYS COVID-19 Hotline number: 833-697-4829


How do I make an appointment to get a Vaccine?  

If you're in New York City: 
NYC Vaccine List - A volunteer-led effort to help you find a COVID-19 vaccine in and around NYC

Call 877 Vax 4NYC (877-829-4692).  

If you're not in NYC: 

Please consult this list!

How do I know if I'm eligible to get the vaccine? 

Check eligiblity here if you're in NYC

Check eligibility here if you live outside NYC


Is the Vaccine Safe?  

We believe trusting science and medical professionals is the best idea during a time of pandemic.
Don't take our word for it - see what Johns Hopkins has to say.

I need help getting to an appointment 

NYC provides free rides for seniors. You arrange this when your appointment is made.  
More ride info here.

All the appointments are taken - what do I do? 

Keep calling. Keep refreshing webpages. Appointments tend to open up at midnight. 

Is the Vaccine Free? 


Do I need insurance to get the vaccine? 


Can I get the Vaccine if I'm undocumented? 


Disclaimer: The information on this page, and well, pretty much the whole website is not meant to take the place of actual medical advice from a doctor, or even a veterinarian. We are not doctors and never said we were. We are not even doctor adjacent. Although there was that time when Aunt Minnie twisted her knee doing the watusi at Uncle Moe's 90th birthday party and we told her to sit down and ice it, but would she listen, no, of course not, that's just the way she is, and then for weeks she complained about her lumbago acting up, and even though we tried to tell her that lumbago isn't even a real thing she made us search high and low for Dr. Moishe's Medicinal Chopped Liver Elixir which we could not find. She blamed us for the swelling and pain and we told her, "Hey, we're not doctors." So there. But seriously, get a vaccine. Be safe.

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