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All in-person gatherings are suspended until further notice.


Shul Zoom Survey



(Well, that sounds very serious. Maybe cut back on the coffee. Just sayin'.)

Now that we've been Zooming for a while, we started to wonder how you think we're doing.

We have just 4 questions that will only take up a minute or two of your time. And let's face it, it's not like you have anything else to do. 

Actually, we are very interested in finding out if we can do anything to make
Shul Zoom programs or the Zoom experience better.   (Being showered with compliments is the furthest thing from our minds. Really!)

Pease help us by taking a moment to complete this short survey.

Thank you.

1.  Overall, how much do you like or dislike the Shul's Zoom programming?

Why did you choose that answer? (Optional)

2.  For each of the Shul Zoom Sessions listed below, please select a number to indicate how much you liked or disliked the session.

Select your answer on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is Root Canal Surgery and 5 is The Best Thing Since Sliced Kosher Pickles in a Jar.

If you did not attend a session, do not make a selection.


There sure are a lot of these. Oy, you guys are busy.

Would you like to tell us why? (Optional) 

3.  During the Covid-19 crisis, the Shul has been sending ever so slightly more email than usual, partially for Zoom security, but mostly because we are providing daily programming.

Given the above information, how would you describe the amount of email sent by the Shul.

(Please do not let the fact that we are working harder than ever to make your quarantine less horrible influence your response.)

4. Have you unsubscribed from the Shul email list?
Okay, we just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

Please use the space below to tell us what we can do to improve the Zoom experience. (Or don't.)  

Ideas for suggested programs: tips on home care for hair and skin, a trivia night, a reading of Jewish stories for children or adults (live or on demand), arts & crafts with supplies you have at home, storytelling à la The Moth Radio Hour & Podcast, helpful hints for field dressing deer and bear. 
(Hey, you never know.)

Tell us what you think. Feel free to suggest your own ideas as well. 


Thank you for your time.  

Please click the Submit button to submit your survey.


Sun, June 20 2021 10 Tammuz 5781